Hello Francois,

> The problem is an MX query problem, isn't it ?

Yes. Until now I delivered the server only to customars who have their
own DNS server. I tell them to add an entry in the hosts file of the
machine of their mail server with the IP address of my server pointing
to the new domain, and to add an MX record with this domain to their DNS
server. No problem until now.

No I have 2 without DNS server, dont know if their is a workaround :(

Maybe again example to clarify:

suppose my LAN. I have no NT server here, only workstations, so also not
a DNS server. I called my workgroup 'wilfried.internal', run an SMTP
server on a machine called 'mail'. On another machine called 'sms' I run
the other mail server. I make an entry in the host file of 'mail'
'sms.wilfried.internal' with the IP of machine 'sms'.

Now I want the mail server (on machine 'mail') to have mail for
@sms.wilfried.internal delivered to the smtp server

I use now Hermes to test this, but the MX problem is 'the' problem, it
can never find the 'sms.wilfried.internal' domain :( Unles there is some

Maybe the only workaround is write a DNS server ? If this is the only
workaroun then should this one be also a DNS client to lookup in the
other DNS server(s) ? Or can you specify in windows several DNS servers?
Because then it is probably a more simple server... Sorry I'm not an IT
guy so I dont know very mutch about this stuff :(

Rgds, Wilfried

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