> Angus, I took a brief look at your code (btw: I couldn't find it in
> the new ICS Beta from yesterday).

Nor I, it's been lost. 

> > Large files can only be used in the client with TFileStream, since
> > THandleStream and TMemoryStream don't support sizes larger than 2 
> > gigs,
> THandleStream supports it, at least in Delphi 7, TFileStream is 
> derived from THandleStream.

> I think it can be simplified, without an own Seek64-function just by
> a new custom integer type that would be of Type Int64 in D6 and above.

I was using Delphi 6.  All I can say it all my attempts to use standard 
stream functions to seek beyond 2 gigs failed, that's why I had to write 
my own version.  But my new seek is only a couple of extra lines of code. 

The way to simplify the component is to abandon attempts to support long 
obsolete Delphi versions that virtually no-one uses when adding new 
features, then vast chunks of conditional code can be removed.  

Francois also suggested a new data type, but only after I'd made all the 
changes and spent a week testing 64-bit FTP in real applications, where 
it's been working now for six weeks.  I really don't want to go back and 
change dozens of lines of code in two programs just to 'simplify' it, 
and risk introducing errors into tried and tested code. 
But I'll happily remove all the redundant code when support for Delphi 3 
and earlier is abandoned. 

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