> Outlook *does* indeed break long subject lines.  Here's an 
> example of a message I just sent using Outlook 2000:

It does not when I test (Outlook 2003 SP1, but also with Norton Antivirus,
dont know if this affects this). Other lines are split but not the subject.

> > Anyway, TCustomSmtpClient.DataNext would fail even when using 
> > continuation lines every 74 char if the total length is 
> longer than 1024.
> Again, this is a limit imposed by the protocol itself, so the 
> application should guard against it.
> That said, I agree that the component could avoid potential 
> buffer overflows if it included the check, just as long as it 
> does not impact performance and functionality adversely.

Anyway, the RFC 821 says that the maximum line length including <CRLF> is
1000 chars. If I use a subject that is longer, and break the line at 74 with
<CRLF> and tab, the header-subject would be RFC-compliant, but the
smtp-component would crash.

Regards Bjørnar

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