Hello Arnaldo,

Yes that is another option, but the 1 second delay he had has nothing to
do with it. TCP_NODELAY disable the Nagle algoritm. If my RAM serve me
well Nagle will wait at maximum 100 milliseconds for transmit to see if
something else is coming.

And it will do this delay only if there is a small packet smaller than
the MTU (aroun 1500 byes), so if he send 80 packets of 100 bytes (as in
the other mail), only the last packet could delay with this time

I never tryed it myself because they also talk about network
degradation if disabling it.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Tuesday, November 1, 2005, 18:03, Arnaldo Braun wrote:

> You can force socket  faster small packet sending by using TWsocket --->
> ComponentOptions ----> wsoTcpNoDelay  ---> true

> See Microsoft socket  help files about possible collateral effects 
> (search setsockopt TCP_NODELAY)

> Larini wrote:

>>Why this event must be used?
>>I'm testing my application and some times a send of a small packet take 1
>>second, other times the same packet take about no time. There is a way to
>>force send anyway?

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