> i am using ics in delphi 7
> i want read some bit of a big file on myself FTP
> my big file have 1,000,000 int64 record
> i want read one record of this file, i don't want
> download whole of file.

As I explained in winsock newsgroup, standard FTP protocol is simply unable 
to do what you ask.
You have at least two solutions using ICS:
1) You forget the idea of FTP. Iinstead your write a custom server program 
to do what you want. ICS if perfect for doing that. You _must_ have 
permission to run you own server program where it has direct access to the 
file you want (probably on the FTP server itself).
2) You still use FTP but replace the actual FTP server by a custom made FTP 
server using ICS FTP server component. This component can be extended with 
commands to do anything and you can use ICS FTP client component to write 
the client side. Of course here again, you need to have permission to run 
your custom FTP server (can use a non standard port to avoid conflict with 
existing FTP server).

btw: You should really use a better subject ! In this mailing list, 
everything is related to ICS. You won't catch subscriber attention if you 
don't use a proper subject for your messages !

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