Michael Lorenz wrote:
> Hi DZ,
> thats it! You gave me the conclusive tip with the TOP command. In my  
> application I'll keep the connection open, load down all headers and then  
> decide to delete on the server!

If the connection is dropped (time-out, etc.), and you need to 
re-establish the session, make sure to issue the UIDL command to 
validate the integrity of your message numbers.

You can also issue the NOOP (NO OPeration) command every few seconds, 
which won't do anything but restart time-out timers on the Server and 
prevent disconnection.

Also, I suggest you use the POP3 UIDs (from the UIDL command) instead of 
the Message-ID header, since the former is guaranteed by the POP3 server 
to be unique, and the latter is not (it is guaranteed to be unique on 
the SMTP server that assigned it, but we don't know nor care who that is 
when connected to the post office).

Also, it is easier because it does not require parsing the headers.

> Thanks a lot for your work!

No problem.

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