On 10-Nov-05 10:25:18 Igor Pokorny wrote:

>Hello all,
>Could someone tell me where I can find some source or tutorial about
>the http user authentication?  It would be best in connection with
>httpsrv component of course :-)

For the client you must set Username and Password properties. These
will be send to the server if it require an authentication, i.e. the
server answer with a 401 code.
Actually the client can handle NTLM (from Delphi 5 and up) and Basic
The server actually should handle only the Basic authentication.
I never used the server component, but Looking quickly at it:
you must use the OnGetDocument and OnPostDocument to decide if the
requested document require an authentication or not. If yes you must
set the Flags parameter to hg401.
When you receive the next request you should check the RequestAuth
property to verify user and password.
As you can see you must do some code for get the server to handle the
authentication. Maybe there is already an example in the demo
projects or in the user made page on the ICS site.

Bye, Maurizio.

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