> I tried to figure out, wht is the best to download a couple of text files.
> I thought it was the best to do non blocking transfers (async). In my
> personal tests using public servers the async routines were faster.
> But I saw an application using blocking transfers, which got the
> data in the same amount of time.

> What is your experience about it?

Using ICS, always use async transfert.
Speed for trivial application doesn't really matters. Programming model 
(async/blocking, single threaded/multi threaded) really matters when you 
have a large number of simultaneous connection. Overall speed is also 
largely governed by your own code and depend on a large number of factors. 
The two mains are the interaction with user interface (displaying a progress 
bar _could_ drastically slow down operation if you don't do it the right 
way) and how you move data around in your program (the less you copy data, 
the faster it is. Using strings if very slow while using statically 
allocated array of char and pointers is very fast).

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