On 24-Nov-05 21:05:00 Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:

>I've merged your HttpProt changes into the latest version, and added
>the LocationChangeMaxCount feature to prevent endless relocation looping.

Do you mean latest release, ICS beta or ICS-SSL?

>The component is backward compatible, when option
>httpoEnableContentCoding is not used, but does now need your
>HttpContCod.pas unit to be added to the ICS distribution.

This is "intentional". I write all the logic into a separate unit
instead directly into HttpProt unit. More easier to maintain.
So yes, the HttpContCod is intended to be part of ICS package.

>Using your HttpCCodGzip unit, while enabling compression adds the
>correct header to the protocol, suggesting it's all linked OK,
>unfortunately the HEAD request just gets a status of 0.


>I suspect that the encoding header should not be sent with the HEAD
>request, I'll try and change the code tomorrow.

Maybe yes, but status 0 is a strange result. Tell us the results of
your change. Eventually I'll look into it next weekend.

Bye, Maurizio.

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