> If you want to reproduce the bug even on a fast connection simply 
> enter in File FtpCli

I have reproduced your problem, and clearly the 226 response is bogus 
and needs to be removed.  I'll look at a fix tomorrow. 

20:01:10 FtpS< angusadmin PASV
20:01:10 FtpS> angusadmin 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,109,5,94).
20:01:10 FtpS< angusadmin RETR dunman30.zip
20:01:10 FTP Server: Test File Disallowed: n:\ceyefxfer\test\dunman30.zip
20:01:10 FtpS> angusadmin 500 Cannot RETR.
20:01:11 FtpS> angusadmin 226 File sent ok

Mind, I'm not quite sure what circumstance a RETR would be blocked, 
assuming the client has already done a LIST to check the file exists, 
perhaps security with it not be available? 

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