Hello ICS users,
 I was wondering a couple things about ICS because i'm currently in a
pickle, a big one and it's driving me literally insane. I've used
tclientsocket/tserversocket and indy a bit and when i started to use ICS
there was definitely a learning curve because it follows the whole async,
fully event driven socket paradigm. I would rather use ICS because i feel
that it's the best out of them all. I recently modified the socket spy
program I found on the examples section and everything is working great
except for one bottleneck, i am doing a ton of inbound data processing which
requires several (quite a few lengthy routines) which use while-loops and
for-loops extensively and it's weighing down my main thread (i believe).
What do you recommend I do guys, the threading examples are helpful however
they don't go much into calling several (CPU intensive)
functions/procedures. Since this is a proxyying application when there is
remote inbound data i will need to copy/examine/modify/delete the string
data on the main thread and with some worker threads before I send the data
to the local socket. My code is nearly identical to Wilfried's SocketSpy
code. The server socket listens on a local port and when a connection is
accepted the local socket (server) spawns a (client) and establishes a
connection to the remote host/address. If anyone can help me in any way i'd
be extremely grateful. If you need anymore information I can show you a
quick example of the type of layout i'm looking for with ICS.

Thanks for your time,
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