I'm experiencing a strange behavior of WSocket.Connect ->
WSocket.OnSessionConnected. I have 2 PC. One on which I develop my
applications and a laptop. Both of them are Windows XP Proffesional with SP2
installed. The server my application is connecting is on the same 100 Mbps
LAN as the 2 PC's above. From the firs PC, after calling WSocket.Connect,
the connection is established very fast and OnSessionConnected is called. On
the second PC, after calling Connect, nothing happens for about 30 seconds.
The server the application is connecting does no receive any connection for
the time specified above. So, to resume, on the first PC the connection is
established right after WSocket.Connect and on the second PC the connection
is established after an anoying delay. 
Does someone experience any similar situation? I have tried wsoTcpNoDelay on
both server and client. No results.
Please help.

/ Ionut Muntean

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