Recently, my Athlon64 -literally speaking- burned and I am stuck on my WinXP 
Home notebook. Anyway, thanks to Intel Centrino and its 2MB cache this is fast 
enough... Anyway this is OT.

In my XP Pro, I was able to have 600 connections to ICS web server with 
Socrates but with Home/Centrino, I can only have 20! Both machines have 1GB RAM 
so I do not understand what is that GIANT difference. I also noticed that on 
the notebook, only 20% CPU is utilized during the stress test. Since the web 
server has memory caching, the problem could not be the 5400RPM disk versus the 
7200RPM one. Any idea? I also tested with Apache 2.2.0 and it could only 
achieve 17 connections/sec! The file is a 1KB GIF.

Thanks in advance for your replies,

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