Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd a écrit :

>>those are not FTP commands, but some Application specific commands. 
>>In fact, I'm making a service based on a FTP server. For example, 
>>commands are RESTART, RELOAD, and other more specific to my 
>Rather than adding private commands to the FTP server, I think it would 
>be much better to add the general SITE command, which can be used with a 
>variety of arguments for specialised purposes that are listed in the 
>FEAT list, ie.  
>211-Extension supported
>211 End
>Then your server control commands could be handled in a single event.  
>If you don't so it meanwhile, I'll add SITE next week.  
>I might even use it in some of my applications, currently I have a 
>second private protocol running to get server status, restart and stop 
>it, etc.  
I'm sorry, because i have around 20 private commands (for now and will 
be extent in future), i prefer from so far to have specific commands
The second reason is that clients app are already existing... and i 
prefer to not modify them if i can (actually the server is using Indy 
and i'm looking for change to ICS)

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