On 10-Dec-05 19:33:07 Paul wrote:

>No, this fine component from Maurizio detects proxy info from IE using

Yes, but there is one point that is not clear to me, i.e. if the
WinInet is installed as part of OS and IE use it, or if it is part of
IE installation. It could be even possible that initially it was part
of IE and then at some point become part of OS.

Someone know more about this?
In one PC that never has IE installed the Control Panel has the
Internet Options?

>The WPAD protocol is introduced for the first time by Netscape.
>It uses a WPad server (part of the proxy) that can return data from the
>proxy without actually using the proxy.

What I understood it that follwing some rules (based on the domain of
the PC) the client ask if a wpad.dat file exists, if yes it will
downloaded ad executed.
The script mentioned in the Internet Configuration is exactly the
same, the differece is only the name and location.

>basically, it's a Java script.

Yes, a subset.

>It allows retreiving the proxyname and port, even if there is no browser
>IE does the same when it is installed for the first time.

Even if you know how discover where the wpad.dat file is, then you
must have a javascript interpreter able to execute it.

Bye, Maurizio.

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