> > Is anyone have succesfully using ICS with FPC? I would like to write
> > some programs in FP and as i am an ICS addicted user ...
> I never tested with FP, but Marco van de Voort ([EMAIL PROTECTED] or 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]) sent me some changes to make it compatible as much as 
> possible. There are still some shortcomings in FP related to GUI programs. 
> Please ask Marco.

IIRC for win32 it is mostly working, including the designtime support
working reasonably.  Basic console operation should nearly compile out of
the box, thanks to Francois including patches.

However the first lazarus attempt (the designtime part)
was too ugly to commit, so that is a to-do.

There was an half attempt at porting the Kylix version, but it was decided
to wait a bit, because due to CrossFPC Kylix compability is still rapidly
improving. (but; Kylix compat is linux/x86 only)

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