> I am evaluating ICS, specifically the component thttpcli and have the
> following problem: if I retrieve a web page with multibyte characters,
> I cannot seem to get the data in proper format. It seems like the
> Buffer that comes with HttpDocEnd() is a char *, not a WideString or
> something similar. Am I doing something wrong, or is this an omission
> in the component?

The data type defined in the component is of no importance as long as you get 
the data. A document
received from a HTTP server is just a stream of bytes. The bytes may be ascii 
char, binary file,
unicode or whatever, it doesn't matter. Of course when you need to process it, 
you may need to know
what you've received. Look at ContentType property and if needed additional 
header lines sent by the
server. Just typecast your data accordingly.

> Buffer that comes with HttpDocEnd() is a char *

I guess you mean OnDocData event handler.
You can typecast the pointer to whatever you need. Length is always given in 

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