> Am I correct in thinking that the SMTP client component does not support
> natively sending mail using MX records ?
> In other words if I want to send mail using MX records I'd have to do a
> DNS lookup on the recipients email address then connect to that server
> using the SMTP client component, send the email, disconnect and then
> repeat for any other TO, CC or BCC addresses ?

Right. Use ICS TDnsQuery component. It is good programming practice to split 
different operations
into different component. SMTP component handle SMTP protocol, DNS component 
handle DNS requests
such as MX record. You are free to combine both components in your own 
component (or application) if
it happend that it is useful for you :-)

> If this is the case, I don't suppose anyone has any sample code where they
> might have already done something like this ? I searched the archives and
> found some code to get the MX record from a DNS server, but nothing more.

Look at the NsLookup demo included with ICS.

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