>> FP> I have a development version for TWSocket which share the same
>> window handle
>> FP> for as many TWSocket as you like (for one as now to any large value
>> which
>> FP> fit your needs). Initially, I planned to make it available as a next
>> majour
>FP> release but I had no time to really finalize it yet.
> This would be nice :-) I heard you talking about this one year before
> and I was wondering when you planned to implement it officially.

That's a huge change, and needs careful implementing. I believe that
Francois wants the code to be working correctly in both single and multi
threaded programs - and while it's easy in single threaded code, it isn't
in multithreaded. Additionally TWSocket is async, that complicates things
even more... So this long implementation time is pretty normal, at least
I think so.

Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek

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