>I got a exception with HttpCli1 : 'HTTP component HttpCli1 is busy'
> after several hours off good work ;
> - i use httpcli every second to post data and wait for response.
> (PostAsync and RequestDone methods);
> it arrives on only 1 computer but not on others.
> Have you an idea ?

The exception "component busy" is triggered because you asked a second 
operation while the previous one is still in progress. Remember that the 
component is asynchronous. When you call PostAsync, you get control back 
immediately while the component does the actual post in the background. When 
the post operation is finished, you received OnRequestDone event. If you 
call another component method before having received the OnRequestDone 
event, you get the component busy exception.

If you want to abort an operation which takes too long, you can call the 
Abort method. This one will not return the component busy exception and will 
cancel any pending operation.

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