> I noticed that if I'm not doing anything with RCVStream of HTTPCli
> in requests im getting Stream with data from previous requests that
> were made on the component. How do i avoid it? How to cleanup
> rcvStream?

This is not a component issue. It's just normal stream handling.
If you don't want the stream content anymore but a free empty stream, just 
destroy the stream and recreate it. Some stream types have a clear method, 
but not all.

> Setting it to nil after RequestDone causes Access Violation.

It is not setting to nil which cause AV, it is when you use it after. Again 
it is not a component issue. You must _always_ pay attention to what you do 
with object references. When you create an object instance, you must later 
destroy it. If you have several variables refering to the same object 
instance and you free the instance using one variable, then the reference 
become invalid no matter which variable is used to access the instance. 
Object instance variables are really pointers.

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