I want some client software I am writing to be able to determine if my server 
software is up and running and if so the IP address of the server machine to 
save the user having to set up IP addresses and so on.  Having looked at a demo 
for doing exactly what I need, I set up  a UDP socket server on the server 
software in listen mode and a TWSocket in listen mode on the client.  I set 
both of them to UDP and to port 9183.  On the client, I then create a temporary 
TWSocket component and broadcast to a short message as the demo 
does.  The message is about 20 bytes long.

Now, the problem appears to be that it seems a little hit and miss.  Sometimes 
the server sees the client and responds correctly and sometimes it doesn't.  I 
wondered if the packets were being received OK (as UDP can split packets and so 
on) so I downloaded a packet sniffer and ran it both on the client and server 
machines.  I am certain from this that the client machine is sending out the 
broadcast.  I can also see that the server has received the broadcast message 
and it is complete in 1 packet.  However, the DataAvailable function doesn't 
seem to get called and I am now at a loss as to why.  Have I missed something 

Chris Lord
Design Engineer / Network Administrator
Tuthill Micro Systems
Tel: +44 (0) 1858 467888
Fax: +44 (0) 1858 433732

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