(Warning: Old School chatter among us :) )

What I'm wanting to do is write a bbs door game with a tcp client built 
in.. Local input (from the door) gets sent across tcp to the server, 
which is then relayed to all other nodes.

Basically, real time interbbs.

I'm the developer of Legend of the Red Dragon, Lord2, Teos, and many 
other door games and utilities. Interbbs exists, but its slow, and no 
where near real time. A client built into the door that connected to the 
main server (or a hub/relay server) would change things dramatically.

I had originally looked at ConCli1.dpr for its simplicity, and the 
thought that all I had to do was check for local input before running 
ProcessMessages .. Judging by ConSrv1.dpr, I'll have to go about things 
a different way.

Thanks for the heads up Francois!

Francois PIETTE wrote:
> Please define "local input".
>> Using the example program ConCli1.dpr
> There are better console mode programs. Look at the creation date into the 
> comments at start of source code. Generally, the more recent, the best ! 
> ConSrv1.dpr is a good one with keyboard interaction.


>> Im working on a hobby program.. And have run into a problem.
>> Using the example program ConCli1.dpr, I've made some modifications so
>> that it can act as a something of a chat server.
>> My source is available here: http://www.mpcode.com/door.zip
>> The problem Im running into it in the TConCliApp.Run procedure. Namely,
>> I want to do something like:
>> while not DoneFlag do
>> begin
>>   if keypressed then
>>   begin
>>     process local input
>>   else
>>     WSocket1.ProcessMessages;
>> end;
>> But it ignores local input.
>> Any help would be appreciated.

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