I  have to tune my ICS based server to handle 16.000 TCP permanent cnx
(but  very  low  transfert  rate with less than 4KB blocks of datas to
transfert to each client).

After   taking   attention   to   all  guys  here  talking  about  TCP
optimization,  I have made a small resume of all what I grabbed around
please  correct  me if I am wrong or add any information that could be
usefull  for anybody asking for such information time to time, but may
be this kind of FAQ already exists ?

 ICS informations

- Actually each socket uses one handle.

-  Multithreading  to  handle the sockets themselves is not necessary,
but could be to start some database query.

-  If  you  use  forms in your application, take care that if you have
hudge  activity  your  GUI interface may be slow or none responsive at
all.  It  could  be better to manage ICS in a new thread that will not
slow down your GUI.

-  If you want to refresh GUI according to socket activity, do it thru
a  simple  timer  every second for example -> your socket thread could
store informations in some TList that your timed procedure will access
using thread-safe syntax and then display in your Form(s).

 Advices about server with high cnx/dcnx rate with few datas to
 transfert each cnx

--- please add your comments.

 Adives for servers with low cnx/dcnx rate but large datas to transfert
 (or low speed bandwidth that will make server permanently send data)

--- please add your comments.

 Windows TCP informations

- Sockets cannot be allocated in swapped memory.
- By default, non paged memory is 1/4 of physical memory with a max of
  256MB on Win2K and 128MB on NT4.
- Could the 1/4 max value be increased thru some registry key ???
- Each socket uses approx 10KB of non paged physical memory.

 Some registry tuning


TcpTimedWaitDelay = 30 (make TIME_WAIT sockets alive for 30 seconds only)
MaxUserPort = 65534
MaxHashTableSize = 65536 default 512
MaxFreeTwTcbs = 2000
MaxFreeTcbs = 16000 default 1000 
MaxUserPort = 65534
TcpWindowSize = 65535 default 8192
MaxHashTableSize = 512
TcpNumConnections = 1000
NumTcbTablePartitions = 32 default 4

All keys explained at but you could add you own comments :


 End of Information Note

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