> I wonder if I should also change all class names.

Yes, definitely allow v5 and v6 to co-exist without messing around 
enabling and disabling packages all the time to maintain old projects. 

> > I  prefer  use  Delphi  6  instead  Delphi  7  but  I  think it 
> > should theorically work without changes isn't it ?

I migrated from Delphi 6 to 7 recently, and have had several complete 
compiler lock-ups, causing me to lose actual work, something that never 
happened under Delphi 6.  I'm trying to decide whether to revert to 6 
for stability.  

> But for making the code work with .NET 
> without too much conditional compilation, I need Delphi 7.

And why does ICS need to support .NET?  I looked at the new code 
yesterday and found vast numbers of conditional compiles for W32 and 
.NET, and particularly duplicate redirected function declarations that 
may have an impact on non-ICS units.  All looks horrible to support. 

Is there actually a demand from anyone here for ICS for .NET?  

> You should upgrade Delphi 6 to Delphi 2006. It is worth the effort. 

While D2006 does seem stable, I feel it's far to early for professional 
developers to migrate major applications to it, far too dangerous.  
There are too many tales of woe and bugs in the news groups.  

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