I've got an FTP Upload module that's working fine.
I used Francois's FtpTST1 program as the starting point - many thanks.

However rather than upload a large file each time I'd prefer just to 
append smaller amounts of data to the end of it.

But when I try and replace the

ExecuteCmd(FtpClient1.Put, FtpClient1.PutAsync);


ExecuteCmd(FtpClient1.AppendFile, FtpClient1.AppendFileAsync);

I get the following response:

 > NLST s9.dat
! Data: Receive error 10054
< 450 s9.dat: Not a regular file
Request 8 Done.
StatusCode = 450
LastResponse was : '450 s9.dat: Not a regular file'
FTP Error = 450 (450 s9.dat: Not a regular file)
Command Failure

If I use

ExecuteCmd(FtpClient1.AppendFile, FtpClient1.AppendFileAsync);

I just get a

Executing Requested Command
Command Failure

Am I doing something wrong?
Does append require additional setup parameters to work?
Or is this the server telling me it doesn't support the append command?

With many thanks,

Ed Hasted
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