Ya know. It'd help if I actually paid attention to ftpsrv.pas .. Took a 
bit of reading, but gained a (limited) understanding of the component. 
In the end, I answered my own question: The server handles it all by 
itself. Just make sure that:

1) FtpClient1.HostDirName and FtpClient1.HostFileName are correct
2) Either A) FtpServer1.DelayedSend := false _OR_ B) FtpClient1.Timeout 
is relatively high
3) Don't throw in the thread stuff if you're not going to use it.

Yeah. Simple stuff. And it took me half a day to figure it out. Doh!

Michael Preslar wrote:
> I'm having trouble figuring out where to put the "Send file" bit of an 
> ftpserv component, and once that part is figured out, the best way to 
> send the file data.
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