I am having a problem with the kylix version of ICS at the moment. It is
a console tcp/ip server app running on linux. It accepts connection from
clients and sends data to each of the clients. The problem is when the
client disconnects, My program runs at 99% CPU and the loop is in the
IcsSocket.Close method.

When the client disconnects, the SockServerClientDisconnect is triggered
which frees my client object that was created in the
SockServerClientConnect event. In the destroy of my client object I
close the IcsSocket  by calling Close.

   If Socket.State = wsConnected then

It is here that there is problem
because the IcsSocket.close function never returns.
I  know there are worker threads involved so it could be related to my
main thead loop which is shown below.

   while not bTerminating do begin
p.s. I am running the ics-kylix beta 4.

Any Ideas would be appreciated
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