today I tried to install ICS under Delphi 2006 until now without success.

1. you change constants there whih isn't allowed anymore without 
   setting some compiler switch ($J+), that can be changed under the project 
settings, okay.

2. GWSockCritSect ist not found in wsocket.pas in line 2326:
   EnterCriticalSection(GWSockCritSect); A search on the complete hard disk 
only brought 
   up 2 occurences on GWSockCritSect, the one in WSocket.pas and one in the 
version for .net.

So I can't install it right now. This was the version available on overbyte.be 
the 8th January 2006. I loaded ics\delphi\vc32\icsdel90.bdsproj and right 
on it and selected "Install". Is that the correct way?
I will try the version on the D2006 Partner DVD now but then I 
must give up - as long as you don't have a solution. But I  need ICS I already 
used it 
in one project.

Or am I doing something wrong?


Markus Humm
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