Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>>>         FLastResponse  := '200 OK not connected';
>>> A "200" answer mean OK, let's continue.
>>> Probably the message should better be:
>>>    "503 Bad sequence of commands. Not connected."
>> As far as I understand, Quit should _not return any error when not
>> connected,
> Yes, it looks reasonable for Quit command only. 

That's obviously why no longer an exception is triggered (which has been
triggered in older versions).
What I mean is, either an exception has to be triggered when not connected
(I can pretty well live with that) or the command must return with an OK.
Current handling is buggy!

> You change affect all
> commands. At test must be done to select the most appropriate error
> message given the command.

I haven't the overview of the most appropriate error code. There should
be an easy solution (raising an exception was easy!).

>> wasn't it handled in other classes the same?
> I don't understand this. Sorry.

As far as I recall in TSmtpCli you may call QUIT w/o raising an exception
when not connected as well and it returns with a OK-result. 

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