> We want to use ZLib1.dll in our projects. Is this what you (Angus) 
> meant by "built with dll or standalone"?

This should be very obvious from a cursory examination of the FTP client 
source code:

{$I IcsZlib.inc}
   IcsZLibObj,           {interface to access ZLIB C OBJ files}
   IcsZLibDll,           {interface to access zLib1.dll}

So to use a DLL, you undefine {$DEFINE USE_ZLIB_OBJ} in IcsZlib.inc, 
and the correct units are brought in automatically.  

If you want ZLib1.dll instead of ZLib.dll, I believe you need another 
define in the inc file {$IfDef Def_ZLib1Dll}, but all the DLL stuff came 
from a different source and my testing was very brief.  I believe it 
only supports an old, buggy ZLIB as well, although could doubtless be 

None of the ZLIB code was tested with BCB, it is a beta version so you 
will need to make any modification necessary for compatibility, since 
few others seem to use BCB. 


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