> is it possible to create a form with a message loop with api
> and still use the http async methods ?
> This will shrink the total application size with almost 300K

as I understand, what you want/need is not a form (a form is a Delphi object 
derived from TForm). It is a window (It is a Windows OS object created with 
CreateWindow API and similar). A window is all you need to communicate with 
messages. A window doesn't need to be visible, it doesn't need to have any 
child control. For example TWSocket create a hidden window to be able to 
receive winsock notification messages. You can create your own [hidden] 
window or you can use the one created by a TWSocket. See how TWSocket create 
his own hidden window.

You should also look at ICS-V6 and his OverbyteIcsWndControl.pas source 
file. There is no problem to use this code in V5 it would equire only minor 
changes, mainly changing the file names in the uses clause (probably a good 
idea to create/use a conditional compile ICS_V5 for all changes you would do 
to easily find your changes again later and apply them when I'll publish a 
new version).

In OverbyteIcsWndControl, there is TIcsWndControl class deriving from 
TComponent. TIcsWndControl implement everything needed to have a hidden 
window and manage dynamically registered messages. It is used by ICS-V6 as 
the base for all ICS-V6 component so that a single hidden window is shared 
between many ICS-V6 components. There is a limit in Windows on the total 
number of window handles: 10000 by default. This cause trouble if you want a 
really large number of TWSocket without tweaking the OS. With ICS-V6, since 
a single hidden window is shared between many ICS component this limitation 
goes away and you can easily have thousands of simultaneous sockets. The 
code is compatible with both GUI, console mode and service type programs.

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