I'm trying to use TWSocket to send UDP messages to many different hosts.  I 
want to create the TWSocket dynamically, and I don't want to have to use 
Connect/Close every time I send a UDP message.  I thought I could use the 
SendTo() procedure to do this, but I have had no success.  This is my test code 
to send one UDP message to myself (it doesn't work):

procedure Test();
  DestAddr: TSockAddr;
  Data: string;
  SocketOut := TWSocket.Create(nil); // create the socket
  SocketOut.Proto := 'udp'; // set it to use UDP (shouldnt really need this)
  ZeroMemory(@DestAddr, SizeOf(DestAddr)); // clear the address
  DestAddr.sin_family := AF_INET; // we have to use AF_INET
  DestAddr.sin_port := 600; // set the port to 600
  DestAddr.sin_addr.S_addr := WSocket_inet_addr(''); // point to self
  Data := 'Hello world'; // the message we want to send
  SocketOut.SendTo(DestAddr, SizeOf(DestAddr), @Data[1], Length(Data)); // send
  // nb: SocketOut is freed later

Could anyone point out to me what I'm doing wrong.  :)

- Shane
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