Hello Francois,

>>> Maybe use Pause/Resume ?

> It suppress async notification. So you don't receive events anymore but I/O
> continue as much as winsock can, for example filling his receive buffer.

Got it. Wouldn't this be similar to ignoring OnDataAvailable event
and is vulnerable to DOS attack?

>> If so, I guess I Pause the client socket and resume it when
>> the resume socket is connected.

> Not sure I understand, but probably the answer is yes :-)

Sorry for the typo. I meant remote, not resume ;) and you
guess is right :)

>> Is there a flat to check if a client socket is paused?

> There is a flag FPaused but it is not exposed as a property.

Oh, will you be able to expose it? I can modify the source
code for now but I think it's useful when Pause and Resume
is exposed.

And sorry for the typo again. I meant flag, not flat. You
got that right, too :)


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