Hello David,

The port is in use because the server listens on that port already,
otherwise the client could not send it to that server. You can make the
server listen on another port and then your application should act like
a proxy intercepting all data. See SocketSpy or gpHttpProxy for example.

you can of course set the client to connect on other port and do the

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Tuesday, January 24, 2006, 11:16, David Lewis wrote:

> Hi,

> I have a client service that connects and gathers data and then throws
> this data out in a stream on port 60500. This client is 3rd party and I
> cannot alter it. However, it is known to be working product.

> What I need to be able to do is connect to that stream stream of data on
> port 60500, and then decode and process it.

> I've tried just throwing together a quick test program, using a single
> TWSocket, with settings:
>     co_IcsSocket->Addr = "";
>     co_IcsSocket->Port = "60500";
>     co_IcsSocket->Listen( );

> But that throws:

> Project PortMonitor.exe raised exception class eSocketException with 
> message 'Error 10048 in function Bind Address already in use'

> Now, I am presuming that the 'already in use' bit, means that the client
> service already has access to this port.

> What should I be doing differently to be able to gather this stream of
> data?

> Dave

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