Bjørnar Nielsen wrote:
> I downloaded and installed latest beta and I found these problems (using
> BCB6).
> The package compiled fine but I get errors when using ICS in a testproject
> in WSocket.hpp on these:
> They are defined in both Winsock.pas and WSoscket.pas. When I removed them
> from WSocket.pas the errors was gone.

Strange, I cannot find those constants in WSocket.pas, but they are defined
in WinSock.pas.

Arno Garrels

> I also get error in HttpContCod.hpp on
> __property bool Active = {read=GetActive, nodefault}; (line 85)
> __property AnsiString Coding = {read=GetCoding}; (line 86)
> The error is parameter mismatch.
> Regards Bjørnar
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