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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Need help with RFC2617 and IE bug

> Scrive Fastream Technologies <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> At the moment there is a problem with Java JRE1.4.2_10 (the latest 
>> version).
>> It simply keeps on asking for username/pwd even though the right input is
>> supplied. I think it does not like the "comma hack" we did to work with 
>> IE.
>> Any ideas what to do?
> My opinion is still to write each challenge (Digest and Basic) in a 
> separate
> header. Probably in this way they will be correctly interpreted by clinet 
> that
> doesn't fully follow what the rfc say.

One of our customers suggested me to make it configurable. Perhaps there 
should be a property as dkBasic, dkDigest, dkBoth. It should not be 
diffucult to do.



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