(now writing from my other account)

just to clarify some things:
- I want the socket to be closed and freed at this point, because the
  DLL who provided communication via sockets for the other levels is
  unloaded and opening or closing communication channels is done rather
  seldom in my app. (at start and at end of it)

- the sleep was put there by me to give the socket some time if still
  data is pending or similar, but I will remove it now.

- there is still another thread active in this very same dll who only
  powws Windows messages (until WM_Quit or terminated)

- the dll just seems to hang at this close call.

- I might have reinvented TWSocketServer, but since I must be able to
  remember connection data for other types of connections (like USB or
  RS232) I need a unified sheme for this. So a TObjectList where another
  Object is stoored for each connection is used, and it is a UDP one the
  socket property of that other object is set up properly.


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