Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
> Hello Francois,
> I need to make a datacall server with Ras dial up. So I take your
> RadDial as example. Works fine, only thing is that RASCS_Disconnected is
> never fired. It does not fire in your example eather.
> I'm testing it in winXP pro SP2.
> Maybe it does not matter becuase it seems RasHangupA is synchronious (it
> tatke a short while for it to return so that's wy I think.
> But how do I get on an error string (if any) if the disconnect is not
> fired ?

This is what M$ says concerning notification:

"Notifications end when one of the following events occurs:
The connection is established. In other words, the RAS connection state is 
The connection fails. In other words, dwError is nonzero. 
RasHangUp is called on the connection. "

So it seems to be quite normal.

> --
> Rgds, Wilfried
> http://www.mestdagh.biz
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