> Hello Markus,
> Seems you don't get the Event-driven way of programming, why a loop of
> 100ms that seems to do nothing with event it could receive ?
> HM> - output a debug message to eventlog
> HM> - socket.shutdown(1);
> HM> - output a 2nd message to eventlog
> HM> - do this:
> HM>   t:=GetTickCount;
> HM>   while (GetTickCount-t < 100) do
> HM>   begin
> HM>     TranslateMessage(MsgRec);
> HM>     DispatchMessage(MsgRec);
> HM>     WaitMessage; 
> HM>   end;
> HM> - output a 3rd message to eventlog
> HM> - Socket.Release;
> HM> But: it doesn't even get to the 2nd message!
> HM> I will put a message in my OnSessionClosed  event as well.

I did that on some recommendation, because the OnSessionClosed might 
not occur so nobody would release the socket then. So I'm waiting
that 100ms to release that socket if not already done. (okay this is 
not yet correct here but he doesn't come to that line yet so it doesn't 
matter just now.) He doesn't seem to fire OnSessionClosed! He seems to
at the socket.shutdown call.

I will check next the thread ids as recommendet by somebody else.


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