Humm, Markus wrote:
> Hello,
>> Hello Markus,
>>> I put some debug output in my OnSessionCLosed handler, it doesn't seem
>>> to be called. But I haven't yet debugged.
>> See my other reply. If it is not fired, then eather ShutDown did not
>> work because of some exception error, or eather the message
>> pump of the
>> thread where TWSocket is created or attached to is not pumping.
> Okay, exception can be ruled out, the shutdown call is within try /
> except and
> I have a output in the except clause showing the exception. This doesn't
> fire.
> Another thought: the dll has a seperate thread only for message pumping
> for all
> used components within the dll. 

This is your next mistake. Only this separate thread pumps messages.
In order to make ICS-events working in a worker thread that
particular thread needs a running message pump.

> What if I would assign all sockets to
> this thread
> after creation? e.g. assign the sockets to this thread when they're
> created and give
> the thread a method for closing these sockets. Could this solve my
> problems?

Probably, if not you can post your message-pump-code to the list for
a review.


> Greetings
> Markus
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