> Hello Markus,
> > Okay, exception can be ruled out, the shutdown call is within try /
> > except and 
> > I have a output in the except clause showing the exception. 
> This doesn't
> > fire.
> There is something wrong that we cannot see. Consider one of your
> previous mails:
> > - output a debug message to eventlog
> > - socket.shutdown(1);
> > - output a 2nd message to eventlog
> > But: it doesn't even get to the 2nd message!
> Unless ShutDown has a deadlock the 2nd message should get called. So
> there could be a problem with the sending of message to windows event
> log. Maybe the class you use also does need a message pump ? I suggest
> to try it simple:
> AllocConsole;    // somewhere in dll initialisation
> try
>   WriteLn('first message');
>   Socket.ShutDown(1);
>   WriteLn('second message');
> except
>   on E: Exception do
>     WriteLn(E.Message);
> end;
> Can you tell the result please ?

The debugger didn't reach that point as well!
And in the OnSessionClosed the output is done via writing into a 
textfile which is created there if it works. But the file never
gets created.

It seems that moving the creation of the Socket to the right thread
helped, it doen't hang now anymore, but since the OnSessionCLosed
doesn't occur,
there still seems to be a problem.

How would I implement a good message pump in that thread?
It's execute method does just check wheter there is something to send
and if
yes, it will build a correct data packet and send it. Then it will be
idle until the next 
send request comes in.


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