> 1. Is the ICS-SSL working and ready should I decide to get hold of it?
>     In other words, it's not in development still and a stable working
> release is available?

ICS is always under development, and probably always will be, as new 
features get added.  But almost every beta release is stable.  Arno and 
others have put an amazing amount of work into SSL over the past few 
months, and it is now fully releasable.  You can try FTP and HTTP SSL in 
my DUN Manager application, from http://www.magsys.co.uk/dunman/.
> 2. How much work is it to implement it to work 100%? Code-wize?
>     Is it wrapped in a component?

SSL is actually handled as insert units in the normal ICS components, 
with a couple of extra SSL specific units.  It's mostly just a few new 
properties, except for SSL certificates which is major trouble, but can 
be ignored if you don't need them. 


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