Hi everybody,

I was following this mailing list for about 3 years now and I see the 
same questions comming from ICS users again and again. Since ICS have no 
help system, this is a normal thing.

I want to propose an idea to fill the missing help system gap.

Seeing the success of the wikipedia the free encyclopedia, I was 
thinking about making available a wiki system for the ICS community 
where all ICS mailing list subscribers could post their contribution to 
the help system. The mailing list moderators, could also moderate the 
wiki page to cenzure the stuff posted here. Also some wiki applications 
have export features with which one can export to XML all the content 
listed. The exported XML, could be then transformed in other common 
format, relativelly easily. (eg. Microsoft Help) This tranformed help 
could be then included in the ICS distribution.

I think Francois have mentioned before that he have no time to make a 
help system for the ICS package, and this could be an alternative so the 
community will write their help system.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading on, and if you consider this a useless thing please 
ignore the mail.

Best regards,
Tibor Csonka
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