I've made a bugreports from last 24h... could anybody help me to 
analyze it?


What can i say is that bugs started when addeded checking few names 
with DNSQuery component every ... 10 minutes.

How does it work?
Every 10 minutes TDNSQuery component is being created for each 
domain. In its tag it has tickcount (in seconds) for timeout. In 
OnRequestDone every component marks in Listbox the result and sets 
it tag to -1 ... in the meantime timer4 is running... that searches 
for TDNSQuery components on the form, checking if the tag is -1 or 
difference between tag and current tick count is more than 30 
seconds... and destroys it.

I've repaired bug with winsock buffer by changing interval to 10 
minutes so system could close all sockets.

Of course TDNSQuery is running in TCP mode and MultiThreaded is set 
to True.

Please HELP me.
Thank you!

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