> It create CHM files from source and looks to me very promising.

This is by far my preferred way of generating help, from comments in the 
source modules themselves, then you always know the properties and 
methods are 100% reliable.  But it will increase the size of the source 
files considerably, albeit they are then self documenting and looking at 
the help file becomes optional.  

Help is always best written by developer actually adding the methods or 
properties, unless they are working in a team and can actually explain 
to someone their intentions.  But updating the existing sources is a 
major effort, albeit quite of a lot of text could be copied from the 
existing ICS help pages.  

I use F1 Help to generate the help file for my RAS components, for which 
the author donated me the Delphi source many years ago, which I passed 
on Francois many years ago as well.  

The source change is simple, just a {} comment before each method, etc, 
and using /* */ or // for any real comments that are not part of the help. 

{ Encapsulates the RasGetErrorString function, to convert a RAS error 
code to a message.  If the error code is not from RAS (ie 600 to 782), a 
windows system error message is returned instead.  }
function GetErrorString (ErrorCode: LongInt): String;


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