I have a pair of Client-Server Socket programs.When the client have finished
writing the datas,it should call the 'close()' to close the socket-end for
client.And,when the server receive the EOF coming from client,it should call
the 'close()' the close socket-end for server.Then the established socket
between client and server should be freed.

As we know,the close behavier under tcp socket is shown as below:

       Client   --->  FIN  --->  Server
       Client   <---  ACK  <---  Server

       Client   <---  FIN  <---  Server

       Server   --->  ACK  --->  Client

The question I want to know is,when the 'close()' call happened,if it should
generate a 'FIN' and send it to another end?If it's true,then at the server
end,when it receive the 'EOF' coming from client,it can delay for some time
to call 'close()',so the 'FIN' should not be sent to client immediately,is

Thanks for replies.

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