I've seen in the usermade. But the code is in Delphi, I don't know much 
about Delphi, and I don't know much about multithreading too :-(
Anyway, are components or only samples the files on the usermade page?
I think that what I need to do is very simple. Perhaps somebody can help 
with a C++ code sample or some tip, because i'm "blind" :-(
It's similar to an IP Scanner. I need to check if some remote IP has been 
taken or not from my own ISP (I have dynamic IP and I want to connect with a 
specific IP, but, before, I must check if that IP is available). So, 
sometimes I must check very much IPs (perhaps 255 if I need to connect with 
something like 1.2.3.x), and I need to do this as quickly as possible.

Thanks !

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