There's an event OnRcptError that you can use to handle the situation,
not sure if it is in current release or latest beta. 

procedure TForm1.SmtpClientRcptToError(Sender: TObject;
  ErrorCode: Word; RcptNameIdx: Integer;
  var Action: TSmtpRcptToErrorAction);

Arno Garrels

Pawel (WP) wrote:
> Hello!
> I am from Poland. This is my problem.
> Let's say that I send email to 100 people. They are in BCC list. For
> example: 
> Mail is sending. But, suddenly I have an error message, that some emaill
> adresses are incorrect or doesn't exist anymore. 
> So, if for example 44 adres from my bcc list is bad, that only 43 people
> will get email - the rest, starting from 44 will not, because a person
> with 44 number has bad email adress/ inactive email box/or something that
> caused error.   
>     So, please, can You tell me how to do that I can fix this problem? To
> send the rest emails, even if some adresses are incorrect... like for
> example Outlook Express can do (mail are sending to correct adresses, the
> rest (bad adress) are ignore, and eventually logged this bad adress, that
> user could fix this adresses).    
> I could send this email to every person, individually, but it would take
> too long time... So, the best is sending it using bcc list. 
> It would be great that I could log to file (or TMemo), that email has
> been send to each person on bcc list. For example: 
> My bcc list looks like below:
>  During sending the message to multiple users it would be logged to file
> (or TMemo) like this: 
> 1. Sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> 2. Sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> ...
> 43. Sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> 44. ERROR - Massage send failed... Adress: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> ...
> n. Sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> So, if some adress is bad, I would know about this and correct bcc list.
> But the most important is that bad adress in bcc list doesn't broke
> sending email to other users on this list. I hope You understad what I
> mean...   
> Best regards.
> Ps: Sorry for my english...
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------ 
> Pawel
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