> I want to ask about line mode again,

You're welcome :-)

> Is it right that in Line mode:
>    - DataAvailable will only be called when the data
> received contains delimiter.


>    - DataAvailable could be called containing more than one line at a
>    time, we must splitting each line manually

Wrong. Exactly one data available event will be triggered for each line no 
matter how each line is
split into several packets or merged with other lines in a large packet. All 
situations are
transparent to you: you get exactly one event for each line.

>    - If I send 1222bytes 5 times consecutively (delimited by
>    #13#10#10#13#11#11#13#10#10#13)
>     - Then the DataAvailable event on the client side will never be
>    called containing 1460bytes.
>     - The only possible received data in the client side will only be
>    1222 bytes, or 2444 bytes or 3666 bytes or 4888 bytes or 6110 bytes?

Only 1222 bytes (not clear if this count or not the delimiter) at a time, 5 
times in a row.

> I've deleted all showmessages and application.processmessages in my code...

Good !
Use OutputDebugString to show debug messages (CTRL+ALT+V in the IDE to see 
them) or use a simple
TMemo and call Lines.Add('Your message');

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